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Redefining your agency's position in the Digital Media and TV ecosystem.

TVtargeter makes it possible for agencies of all sizes to deploy ultra-targeted addressable TV & Radio Ads.

We are omni to the segment of one. 

Now you can harness the power of addressable 1-to-1 targeting in Primetime TV & Radio.

Advertise to the people visiting your website directly on their favorite TV & Radio Shows.

You may call it revolutionary. We call it best in class, ultra-targeted addressable advertising.

Primetime TV & Radio Ads at Facebook Prices.

Every TV & Radio platform + digital media channels = OMNI POWER

TVtargeter is designed from the ground up to bring the transformative power of TV & Radio advertising to the Person, The Individual, Addressable and 1-to-1. Broadcasting quickly becomes a dinosaur as we grow.

The Power of Addressable TV & Radio Advertising

TV & Radio is where people spend time with their favorite shows. TVtargeter is the only platform that unleashes the power of TV & Radio ads directly to your website visitors.

Purpose-Built for Addressable Views

Your ads are meant to be seen the exact People visiting your website. Built to deliver the highest addressable viewability at the lowest cost-per-view, from your first impression to your last.


Smarter ad spent to only those who visited your website

We deliver the world of TV & Radio advertising, on-demand. TVTargeter beats broadcasting every time.

Spark relationships targeting the exact People visiting your website

Communicate with the exact People who have already engaged with your website. Address your ads your messages to the exact Person seeking to learn more about your brand and solutions

TVtargeter partners with your agency to offer unique features and solutions for your clients. What you won't find is restrictive contracts or heavy minimums. It's time to democratize and disrupt the TV & Radio game.

Ready to get started?

Behind the magic for TV & Radio, there’s a revolutionary targeting technology.

TVtargeter is powered by revolutionary technology that connects you with the best partners in media.


Retarget your website visitors on TV & Radio

Stop Wasting Your Ad Dollars With Broadcasting 


B2B+B2C = B2V Business 2 Visitor

Start Laser Focused TV/Video/Audio Ads 100% Addressable to the People visiting your website.

Expand Your Reach

Put your 15 second video add on every TV platform and every streaming radio/podcast channel.

Easy and Simple to Use

You simply create an account, upload a video, campaign goal, and a budget. Hit launch and in 2 - 24 hours TVTARGETER will start distributing your video out to your target audience wherever they are online.

TVtargeter FAQ

Upload your creative.
Media: Video
Format: .mp4
Aspect Ratio: 4:30
Resolution: 1080p
Length: 15 or 30 seconds
File size: Up to 60Mb

Upload your site visitor file.
Must be a csv file
Max size of 2 MB
Minimum 5,000 records

$2,500 minimum budget to start a campaign. Your campaign can cover both TV & Radio. Pricing is based on winning bids within the various Networks. Bid range for radio is $10-$15 CPM and TV $30-$40 CPM.4. Set Start and End Date.

You can provide your landing page and we’ll issue you a phone number if you want to direct viewers to a call center.

The is a $500 or 20% management fee whichever is greater.

Images and video with clear call to action
Send them to a website or ask them to call now.
Remember, this is a TV ad they don't have a button to click on so a clear call to action is a must.

One-Two weeks. It will most likely take a one week to onboard your audience data.